Episode 1 -
Loomis Sanitorium

The history of tourism in the Catskills starts not with the resorts, but the Loomis Sanitorium, which opened in 1896 to treat turberculosis patients. Find out how the sanitorium played a major role in introducing the golden age of tourism in the Catskills
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Episode 2 -
The Flagler Hotel

The Flagler Hotel in South Fallsburg begin in the 1870s as a 35 room boarding house to cater to business doing business with the tanneries. It eventually became the first year-round resort with a toboggan run. Learn how the Flagler’s mission-style architecture became the copied look for many of the region’s resorts.
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Episode 3 -
Hotel Row

A mile stretch of Route 42 in South Fallsburg was known as hotel row for the number of resorts that lined this two-lane country road. From the year-round Flagler to the Irvington to the Ambassador, which was managed by Charles Brown and had on staff a busboy named Jerry Lewis.
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Episode 4 -
Stevensville Lake Resort

There are more than just swans in Swan Lake. Find out how the Stevens brothers who built the tannery and dammed up the lake, created the prime location for several resorts including the Stevensville Country Club. The area was also a popular spot for gangsters, some of whom may reside in the bottom of the Swan lake.
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Episode 5 -
Kutsher's Country Club

This special edition of Classic Catskills features a unique look at the famed Kutsher’s Hotel, including a tour of the century-old resort with owner Helen Kutsher. Hear how Kutsher’s grew into one of the premier athletic facilities - and was a second home to Wilt Chamberlain.
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Episode 6 -
Laurels Country Club

For many years the Laurels Country Club was known as the hippest of the Catskill resorts and for a time, the largest hotel in the mountains with capacity for 1,400 guests. There are amazing then-and-now scenes of the Sackett Lake resort, which was destroyed by fire in the early 1970s.
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Episode 7 -

Get an exclusive inside look at the world-famous hotel and resort in Liberty and see what the current conditions are.
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Overview -
The Classic Catskills

Find out what the Classic Catskills project is about, our goals for this website and how you can participate and share your Catskill memories
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Interview -
Preserving the Catskills

Reporter Steve Israel talks about the local efforts and status of Classic Catskills preservation.
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Interview -
Growing up in the Catskills

Times Herald-Record editor Barry Lewis shares his memories about growing up in the Catskills and recounts the history and decline of the region.
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Author visits over 40 adandoned hotels/bungalows
Barry Lewis tours Grossinger's with photographer and author Marisa Scheinfeld, whose new book, “The Borscht Belt” documents the ruins of what was the Catskills
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